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Himalaya autumn 2007 expeditions

Updated: Sep 07, 2007
Note: List is preliminary and subject to changes

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Everest South East Ridge - Nepal - 8848m
“The Unlimited of Thai Spirit” Everest fall 2007 expedition
A large team from Thailand is the only expedition climbing Everest this fall. The climbers, outfitted by Thamserku Trekking, are attempting the South Col route from the mountain's Nepal side.

The team consists of nine climbers, 7 BC crew members, and 12 Sherpas.

The expedition hopes to commemorate the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday.

Makalu – Nepal – 8485m
Italians Nives & Romano for their 11th 8000er
Italian married couple Nives Meroi and Romano Benet will attempt to bag their 11th 8000er this autumn by summiting Makalu.

Together with Austrian Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Nives leads the ranking of female climbers with most 8000ers summited: Ten.

Nives’ website (Italian): www.nives.alpinizem.net
Nepalese Serap Jangbu Sherpa for the ‘Big Black’
Serap Jangbu Sherpa will also try to turn Makalu into his eleventh 8,000er this fall. Details are still expected on the team he will be climbing with.

Serap Jangbu hoped to climb Nanga Parbat this summer, working with a Korean team led by Oh Hee-Joon, but Oh perished on Everest and the planned expedition on Nanga was cancelled.

Serap's website: www.serapjangbu.com

Dhaulagiri – Nepal - 8167m
Dutch Dhaulagiri Expedition
Edwin Klerkx and Tomas van Hoek departed for Nepal on August 20th — hoping to climb Dhaulagiri without supplementary O2 or climbing Sherpas. Although climbing independently, once in BC the two men will work on the route, joining forces with five Austrian mountain guides also on the spot.

Expedition’s website: www.7thsummit.nl
Spanish Ricardo Valencia and Santiago Sagaste Tribute expedition
Spaniards Ricardo Valencia and Santiago Sagaste were lost on Dhaulagiri in spring this year — hit by an avalanche while sleeping in C2. Now Ricardo’s friends hope to retrieve their bodies, in an expedition led by a climber who was there only days before disaster struck: Iñaki Ochoa de Olza.

A large group, including Ricardo’s wife, sister and daughters, will trek around Dhaula as a tribute to their lost friends; then some members will go up to Dhaula’s C2 and search for the bodies, hoping they are still where they were buried.

Earlier this year, Iñaki Ochoa had made plans to attempt Kangchenjunga in fall, but problems with his knee have forced him to postpone the attempt.

Expedition’s website (Spanish): www.trekkingdhaulagiri.com
International Kobler & Partner Dhaulagiri expedition
According to Kari kobler's website, the Swiss expedition outfitter is launching an expedition on Dhaulagiri, starting on August 31st.

Kobler & Parter's website(German): www.kobler-partner.ch

Manaslu – Nepal - 8163m
Canadian/International Manaslu expedition
This team aims for an early attempt on Manaslu — they expect to reach BC by the first week of September.

Team members Neil Bosch, Toby Brodkord and Keith Sanford will try to become the first Canadian Manaslu summiteers. Also on the team are Warwick White and David Morrison, from New Zealand; Mike Parker, from Australia, and Portuguese Gonçalo Velez.

Gonçalo Velez (49) has previously summited Annapurna, Cho Oyu, Kangchenjunga and Makalu, according to the expedition’s website.

Expedition's blog: manaslu2007.blogspot.com
International Kobler & Partner Manaslu expedition
The Swiss guide’s outfitter has announced an expedition on Manaslu to be launched on August 31st.

Kobler & Partner's website (German): www.kobler-partner.ch

Shisha Pangma – Nepal - 8027m
Australian Andrew Lock: Back to Shisha Pangma
After a failed attempt in spring this year, Australian Andrew Lock (12, 8000ers summited) will give the mountain another try in the post-monsoon season, this time hoping to reach the main summit.

Lock is scheduled to arrive in KTM on September 8th, and then will head straight to Tibet.

Andrew’s website: www.andrew-lock.com
Andrew’s dispatches: www.humanedgetech.com/expedition/lock
Spanish Al Filo de lo Imposible team: Edurne for her 10th - Vallejo and Oiarzabal for a second Shisha summit
Spanish media have reported on Edurne Pasaban returning to Shisha Pangma, as member of “Al Filo de lo Imposible” Spanish TV series team. Accompanying her on the peak’s normal route are Asier Izaguirre, Ivan Vallejo (again repeating a 8000+ meters peak he has already summited), and 14x8000ers summiteer Juan ‘Juanito’ Oiarzabal.

Should she succeed, Edurne would equal Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner on the ranking of female climbers with more 8000ers summited – however, the first place may remain in the hands of Italian Nives Meroi, hoping to turn Makalu into her 11th ‘Great one’.

Edurne’s website (Spanish): www.edurnepasaban.net
Ivan's website (Spanish): www.ivanvallejo.com
Spanish Himalaya 2007 Cho Oyu/Shisha Pangma double-header
After chain-climbing GI and GII last year Xabier Alzola, from the Sanish Basque Country, is now attempting another double-header – this time in Tibet.

Together with Juan Carlos Gonzalez and Javi Txikon, Xabier arrived in KTM on August 25th. They planned to approach Cho Oyu as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, also expedition member Alex Txikon departed his home town in a van, eager to drive all the way to Kathmandu, where he hopes to arrive by September 12. Once in town he will join Igor Astondoa and, together, will travel to Shisha Pangma’s south face. According to plans, Xabier will meet Alex and Igor after climbing Cho Oyu, and the three men will then attempt Shisha’s British route.

Expedition's website (Spanish): www.arabakoespedizioa.com
Korean Daejeon A.F. Shisha Pangma South Face Expedition
Korean climbers Lee Seung Bok (leader) and Kim Youn Il, together with Nepalese Pasang Bhote, will attempt Shisha's south face this fall. The expedition kicked off on September 1st.
American Nicholas Rice's Xpedition 8000
Fresh from an attempt on Pakistan’s Broad Peak, Nicholas Rice (22) is now moving to Tibet, aiming for the normal route of Shisha Pangma. This will be Nick's 5th 8000 meter expedition. He will be on an international team with logistics provided by Monterosa Treks and Expeditions. Other members in the team are Americans Michael Scott Aasheim, Paul H. Sherman, Taylor Kelly Woodward, and David Allen Dobbs.

Nicholas Rice's Website: www.nickrice.us
Slovak Shisha Pangma Expedition
Outfitted by Windhorse Treks, a five-member Slovak team is attempting Shisha Pangma this fall.
International Dream Shisha Pangma Expedition
American Ray Grair Yeritsian, French Jean-Christophe Albert Ludot and Australian Blair Falahey (who recently aborted an attempt on GII after an avalanche killed two people and left two others injured), are attempting Shisha Pangma this fall.

Climbing Sherpas will be Mingmar Tamang, Palden Namgye Sherpa and Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa.
International Project-Himalaya Shisha Pangma Skills Expedition
Project-Himalaya focuses its upcoming expedition on Shisha Pangma as a preparatory climb before attempting Everest. Eric Remza will lead the team on the mountain’s standard north side route.

Project-Himalaya's website: www.project-himalaya.com
International SummitClimb Shisha Pangma expedition
Dan Mazur's outfitter is launching a team on Shisha Pangma this fall.

SummitClimb’s website: summitclimb.com

Cho Oyu – Tibet - 8188m
Singapore Women on Everest – Cho Oyu training
Jane Lee (leader), Lee Lihui, Lee Peh Gee, Sim Yi Hui, Joanne Soo and Esther Tan, from Singapore, are climbing Cho Oyu as a training beforetackling Everest in spring 2008. The team set off for Tibet on August 16th, and reached BC on August 20th.

Expedition's website: www.womenoneverest.com
Expedition's dispatches: humanedgetech.com/expedition/swe1
Spanish Himalaya 2007 Cho Oyu/Shisha Pangma double-header
After chain-climbing GI and GII last year Xabier Alzola, from the Sanish Basque Country, is now attempting another double-header – in Tibet this time.

Together with Juan Carlos Gonzalez and Javi Txikon, Xabier is climbing Cho Oyu. Then he will move to Shisha and attempt the British route on its south face together with Alex Txikon and Igor Astondoa.

Expedition's website (Spanish): www.arabakoespedizioa.com
Croatian Female Cho Oyu Expedition
Darko Berljak is leading a large all-female Croatian team also including Tihana Boban, Darija Bost Jancic, Iris Bost Jancic, Anita Carevic, Jelena Dabic, Irena Horvat, Pavla Kovac, Josipa Levar, Marija Macesic, Dubravko arkovic, Jana Mijalovic, Iris Prebeg, Renata Randic, Vedrana Simicevic, Milena Sijan, Karolina Vranjes, Ena Vrbek, Jasminka Vicenski, ad Dubravka Zupanic.

The Croatian ladies will be climbing with Sherpas Lhakpa Nuru, Dawa Tenzing, Ngawang Jangbu, Pasang Chhiri, and Renji Lakpa.
Polish Cho Oyu Expedition
Pawel Jerzy Sokolowski is leading fellow Polish climbers Tadeusz Andrzej Henzel, Fafal Lucjan Pieta, Dominik Ziembowicz, Kamil Dawid Gabarski, and Marek Boguslaw Chamielec on Cho Oyu.
Spanish Cho Oyu expedition
Spaniards Willie Barbier, Raquel Perez, Havier Huarte, Alberto Urtasun, Francisco Javier Gonzalez, and Eva Zarzuelo, plus Peruvian Fernando Caballero, are attempting Cho Oyu this fall. Sharing permit with them will be Italian Domenico Sturla and German Helga Schubert.
Spanish Cho Oyu expedition
This second Spanish expedition on Cho Oyu includes Martin Corrales, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Alfredo Pascual, Gabin Narvaez and Geltran Alzola.
International Cho Oyu expedition
Arvydas Jonaitis, from Lithuania, is the appointed leader of this international team. Arvydas' Lithuanian mates are Gintaras Uzdavinys and Vytautas Gaucys, while other climbers in the team are American William B. Zachary, Australian Anthony Olejnicki, Spaniard Ricardo Zori, and Danes Thomas Jensen and Rikke Stefansen.
Dream Cho Oyu expedition
Naga Dorjee Sherpa is the appointed leader (as well as climbing Sherpa) of an international expedition on Cho Oyu. Among team members is Boris Korshunov (72), who got into trouble earlier this year on Dhaulagiri, and was helped down by Denis Urubko. Boris is nevertheless a seven-times snow leopard and an Everest summiteer.

Also in the team are Belgian Tom Van Den Berghe, Brit John Anthony Crellin, Frenchman Bruno Buchet, Japanese Kiyoshi Ushijima, Peruvian richard Hidalga, Austrian Chris Stangle, Italian Diego Fregona, and Russians Valery Klochko and Vladimir Zadokhin.

In addition to Naga Dorjee, other local climbers will be Mingma Sherpa, Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, and Jaya Bahadur Tamang.
Friendship Cho Oyu Expedition
Swede Lars Gosta Zetterberg (leader) and American George Aspinwall Patterson will attempt Cho Oyu together with Sherpas Nima Gombu, Tasi and Chhok Tenzing.
International Amical Alpine expedition
Jörn Heller will lead a team by Amical on Cho Oyu this fall. As with all of Amical’s expeditions, the climbers won’t be using supplementary O2, except in case of medical emergency.

Amical's website (German): www.amical.de
International Alpine Ascents Cho Oyu expedition — Danielle’s double-header
For another year, AA is launching a fully guided expedition on Cho Oyu, starting on August 28th. After Cho Oyu, Lakpa Sherpa and team member Danielle Fisher will attempt Shisha Pangma as well.

American Danielle Fisher, diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when she was 6 years old, found climbing to be a positive and lasting cure. “Up there, I don’t have a problem. Nothing is blocking me,” she told ExplorersWeb. In 2005, she summited Everest, becoming the youngest Seven Summits climber. Last year she attempted GII, also as a member of an Alpine Ascents team.

Alpine Ascents’ website: www.alpineascents.com
International Adventure Consultants Cho Oyu 2007
The New Zealand-based outfitter is launching an eight-member, guided expedition on Cho Oyu, led by Kiwis Mike Roberts (expedition leader) and Steve Moffat (assistant leader).

Mike has been to Cho Oyu six times and has summited Everest twice. Steven summited Everest last year. Expedition Sirdar is Ang Tshering Sherpa, coordinating the same group of Sherpas that accompanied the AC team on Everest in spring this year.

Climbers are Cheryl Bart (Australia), Nikki Bart (Australia), Roman Danyliw (USA), Will Elrick (Australia), James Haydock (Ireland/UK), Matthew Holt (South Africa/UK), Neill Krauter (USA), and Leifur Svavarsson (Iceland).

AC’s website: www.adventureconsultants.co.nz
International Field Touring Alpine Cho Oyu Expedition
Sean James is leading FTA’s expedition on Cho Oyu. After running nine expeditions on Pakistan’s 8,000ers, the Australian outfitter is launching a team on the ‘Turquoise Goddess’ for the first time.

FTA’s website: fieldtouring.com
USA Alpenglow Cho Oyu Expedition (HiMex)
US-based outfitter Alpenglow is launching an expedition on Cho Oyu. The climbers will attempt Cho Oyu via its normal route from Tibet, under Russel Brice's HiMex logistics. Also outfitted by Himex would be a 6-member all-female Norwegian team, according to Alpenglow's climbers.

Alpenglow’s website:www.alpenglowexpeditions.com
International Mountain Guides (IMG) Cho Oyu expedition
The Seattle-based expedition outfitter is also launching a guided expedition on Cho Oyu. Part of the team will then go for Ama Dablam.

IMG’s website:www.mountainguides.com
International Mountain Madness Cho Oyu expedition
Fresh from an attempt on GII, Phil Crampton is leading the Mountain Madness team on Cho Oyu. This guided expedition foresees all of its members using supplementary O2 above C3.

Mountain Madness' website: www.mountainmadness.com
International 7-Summits Club Cho Oyu Expedition
Russian Alexander Abramov is again leading a 7-Summits Club team on Cho Oyu.The fully-supplied (including supplementary O2) expedition will kick off on September 9th.

Members, all from Russia and Ukraine, are Yuri Beloyvan, Igor Kosarev, Dmitry Moskalev, Evgeny Semenov, Alexander Chesnokov, and Kostyantyn Zhelezov.

Expedition’s website: www.7summits-club.com
International Jagged-Globe Cho Oyu Expedition
The UK outfitter has designated Neal Short as leader for their upcoming Cho Oyu expedition, starting on September 1st.

Expedition’s website:www.jagged-globe.co.uk
Kari Kobler & Partner Cho Oyu expedition
Swiss guide Kari Kobler’s outfitter is launching a team on Cho Oyu, starting on August 31st.

KObler & Partner’s website (German):www.kobler-partner.ch
International SummitClimb Cho Oyu Expedition
Arnold Coster is leading SummitClimb's 7th expedition on Cho Oyu, from September 2nd to October 9th.

SummitClimb’s website: www.summitclimb.com
Henry Todd’s outfitter has announced a Cho Oyu expedition to be launched on Aug. 25 this year.

Expedition’s website: www.ice8000.com
Jannu – Nepal - 7710m
Russian Valeri Babanov for Jannu's north face
Two months after aborting an attempt to Pakistan’s Kunyang Chhish when his Canadian mate declared himself “not psychologically prepared” for the climb, Babanov is returning to the kind of routes and mates that gained him two Piolet d’Or awards.

Teaming up with young mountain guide Sergey Kofanov, Valeri is tackling no less that the north face of Jannu (7710m). The exposed, partially overhanging wall has been climbed only once before – by a Russian team, also awarded the ‘Golden Ice’Axe’.

Babanov's website: www.babanov.com

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