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Spring 2003 expeditions

Updated: April 18, 2003

  Expedition Archive

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Everest North-East Face - Tibet - 8848m
First attempt at Everest's North-East Face -  

Husband and wife team and veteran Everest summiters Cathy O'Dowd and Ian Woodall will take on Everest's unclimbed North-East face.  They will be the only ones climbing on the East face of Everest..

Expedition members: Cathy O'Dowd, Ian Woodall, Ang Geljen, and Padam Maygar (base camp manager)


Everest West Ridge - Nepal - 8848m
Japanese Club Yeti Everest West Ridge 

One of two Club Yeti expeditions going to Everest this spring.  They will be attempting Everest's West Ridge route.

Expedition members: Kiyoshi Ishii (leader), Tatsuo Kimura, and Miss Sae Takahashi

Club Yeti Japanese website...

Everest South East Ridge - Nepal - 8848m
Adventures International -   

Scott Woolums will lead a small group of 7 clients on Everest this spring.  "Primary goals with this trip are having a great trip, a go at the summit, and coming home safely.  Let's do it!"



Sean Burch Everest 2003 -

Sean Burch will attempt to climb to the summit of Everest from the south side this spring.  He will be climbing solo, with the support of two sherpas helping with loads and will not be using oxygen.  


Italian Everest Speed Expedition -

Fabio Meraldi, holder of several world ascent speed records will attempt to climb Everest, base camp to base camp -  within 24 hrs.  Along on the expedition is Manuela Di Centa, who previously skied on the Italian national Nordic team, won 14 Olympic medals, and now is a reporter and journalist in Italy.  She will be climbing and reporting on the expedition.

Expedition members:  Fabio Meraldi, Manuela Di Centa, Oskar Piazza, Manuel Lugli, Dave Rasmussen, Silvano Odasso, Filippo Sala, Pino Leoni, and Paola Pozzi.



Indian Saad Mountaineers Expedition - Cancelled 

The Saad Mountaineers club of Mumbai, India will be climbing on the south side of Everest this spring.  

Expedition members:  Rajan Deshmukh (Leader), Arun Irde
Dy (Leader), Dhananjay Bhagat, Sachin Kolharkar, Shashi Bhoir, Anand Shinde, Ghatge Patil, Pramod Chaudhary, Hemant Thete and Dilip Kolhatkar.


Disability Awareness Team Everest -  

One armed climber Gary Guller will be leading this expedition to help raise funding and awareness for disability related issues.  The team is working with the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities.

Expedition members: Gary Guller, Bill Allen, Gary Scott, Eric Remza, Chris Watkins, Kipa Sherpa, Nima Dawa Sherpa. 


French Everest 50 Expedition - -

Jean-Michel Asselin and Daniel Gueorguievsky will be leading a large team of 23 climbers.  A live telecast from the summit is being planned.

Expedition members: Jean Michel Asselin, Patrick Berhault, Dominique Blanc-Vial, Daniel Blanchi, Laetitia Cuvelier, Hugues D' Aubarede, Patrick Gabarrou, Bruno Gallet, Governed Scrubland, Daniel Gueorguievsky, Basile Gueorguievsky, Aude Joncquiert Latarjet, Marcel Lemennicier, Brice Lequertier, Éric Loizeau, Guillaume Lucazeau, Nicolas Mugnier, Gilles Pollini, Philippe Rebreyend, Jean Marc Seban, Maurice Thiney, Mario Trimeri, Jean-Christophe Van Waes

http://www.glenatpresse.com/expeditions/everest50/... (in French)

Tarragona Everest Expedition - -

A team from Tarragona, in the Catalonian region of Spain will be going for Everest on the South side

Expedition members: Jesus Elena Vera (leader), Jacob Salvado Perello, Joan Carles Castellvi Gonzalez, Eloi Callado i Pallares, Josep Flaque Gimenez, Lluis Rafols Puyol, Joan Sole Rovirosa, Maria Castro Palma, Jordi Farriol Batalla, and J. Carles Igual Lleida.

Sherpas:  Ang Passang Sherpa (Sirdar), Tukten Sherpa, Nima Norbu Sherpa, Chandra Bhadur Sunuwar, Lhakpa Bandur.

http://www.everest2003.net...(in Spanish/Catalonian)

Swiss/German Everest Expedition -

The Swiss/German team will start their expedition on April 4, 2003 when they fly into Kathmandu.

Expedition members: Alex Eberhöfer, Cristian Rossel, Thomas Zwahlen, Peter Becker, Frank Everts, Eike Mrosek, Eckhard Schmitt, and Roland Brand.


http://www.everest2003.ch...(in German)

Japanese Miura Expedition - -
in Japanese

Yuichiro Miura will lead this Japanese expedition on the south side of Everest.

Expedition leader:  Yuichiro Miura

http://www.snowdolphins.com...(in Japanese)

Alan Arnette "Unfinished business" -

Last year a lung infection halted Alan Arnette's quest for the summit at 27,200 ft.  He has not given up and will give it another go this year.  Again he will be climbing with Adventure Consultants


Canadian firefighters go to Everest -

Two Canadian firefighters will attempt to be the first Cannucks to the summit without oxygen.  They are also raising money for the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.

Expedition members: Glenn Edwards (leader), Steve Foster, Ken Edwards (Camp Manager) - Lhakpa Tshering (lead climbing sherpa)


American Commemorative Expedition -

This American expedition will be going from the south side to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mountain's first ascent.  The expedition leader's previous Everest expedition was a clean up mission.  This team will also have Appa Sherpa who is coming out of his 10 month retirement.  Should he make it this year, it will be his 13th ascent.

Expedition members: Bob Hoffman (leader), Robert Boice, Chuck Huss, Tom Burch, Ian McLagan, Brian O’Connor, Dan Smith, and Mimi Vadasz


Adventure Consultants -

Adventure Consultants will operate a commercial expedition on the south side of Everest again this year.


Alpine Ascents -

Alpine Ascents will be leading a commercial expedition to Everest's south side.  Vern Tejas will be leading the expedition


International Mountain Guides -  

Dave Hahn will be leading a commercial expedition for the south side.  


Irish Everest expedition -  

This Irish team has three objectives - the first Irish female ascent, first Irish ascent from the the south side, and the first Irish climber to summit from both the north and the south side.

Expedition members: Pat Falvey (leader), Mick Murphy, Clare O'Leary, Hannah Shields, George Shorten, and Gerard McDonnell, Pemba Rinji Sherpa (Sirdar), Nima Sherpa, Nang Chombi Sherpa, Mingma Chhiri Sherpa.



Konkuk Unv. Alpine Club 2003 Everest Exp

Kim Jong Gu from Korea will lead the expedition

Adventure Institute Everest expedition -

Iowan Charlie Whittmack is climbing on an independent expedition with Asian Trekking.


Jagged Globe commercial expedition -

Expedition leader Robert Anderson has a team of 10 climbers from the UK, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada, Mexico, and the South Africa.  Expedition member Sibusiso Vilane will attempt to be the first black person to summit Everest.  


Belgium expedition -

The ladies of base camp beware, the Belgians are coming!
A team of amateur and professional climbers will take to the slopes of Everest this spring.  A film crew will join the expedition and make three, hour-long documentaries.  Also, there will be 20, three minute programs that will air on television throughout the expedition.  Previous to this expedition, some members were involved in climbing and filming 6 of the "7 summits." 

Expedition members:  Bernard de Launoit, Henri de Gerlache, Pierre Haelterman, Didier Vandenbosche, Karl Autrique, Sébastien Cruyt, Jean-François Michel, Alexia Zuberer, Anselme Baud, Eric Berclaz, Sébastien Figlioni, François Pallandre, Christophe Delachat, Jack Hildebrand, Marc Temmerman, Frédéric Demolder, Candice Pinoncelly, Christopher Thompson


South African Discovery Expedition -

A group of South Africans will be going for the summit from the south side.  If she is successful, expedition team member Deshun Deysel will be the first black woman to reach the summit of Everest.  Alex Harris and Sean Disney will also be attempting to complete the 7th of the 7 summits (Carstensz set).

Expedition members: Alex Harris, Sean Disney, David Ker, Deshun Deysel, Sean Wisedale, and Robin Walshaw


Everest Peace Project - POSTPONED UNTIL AUTUMN 2003

Lance Trumbull will be leading this multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-religious climb of Everest.  His organization is dedicated to raising money for charity.  Ang Rita Sherpa is coming out of several years of retirement to be the expedition's Sirdar.

Expedition members: Lance Trumbull, Valentin Bojoukov, Anwar Abass, Harry Kikstra, Igor Medinin, and Ang Rita Sherpa (Sirdar)


Indian/Nepali Army Everest team

An Indian/Nepali Army Everest team is slated to climb from the south side this spring season.  Some reports have them postponed until 2004, while press releases in India have announced the expedition is joining forces with National Geographic of India and will be having a contest where civilians can enroll and compete to climb Everest for this Spring.

Nepal's Ministry has two permits in pending status for the team.


Everest North Ridge - Tibet 8848m
UK Royal Navy/Marines Everest -

The UK Royal Marines are launching a massive effort on Everest North side.  The large team will be posting daily dispatches and will attempt to transmit the world's first live video from the summit!

Expedition members: Nick Arding (leader), Neal Peacock, Andy Brown, Dave Pearce, Jonathan Foden, Nigel Lane, Richard Cantrill, Gary Francis, Jake Wilkinson, Darren Swift, Mark Paterson, Peter Kayll, Si Cannon, Huan Davies, Barry Gray, Dave Cummings, Richard Rearden, Fi Shephard, Jay Baxter, Neil Hicking, Dan Bailey Stuart Jackson, Tug Wilson


All Romanian National team

A 14 member Romanian team will be climbing from the North side.  They plan on doing a live telecast back to Romanian television.

Expedition members and birth dates:  David Neacsu (Team leader), Gheorghe Dijmarescu, Bogdan Lucian Vasile, Galescu Cornel, Gane Marius, Sima Mihai Ovidiu, Smilovici Iosif Sorin, Dogaru Vasile,George Krishan, Pisica Alexandru Daniel (Cameraman), Rucareanu Amedeo Cata, Tulpan Teodor Petru, and Kaga Sebastein (Doctor).

Japanese Club Yeti Expedition -
- (Japanese)

One of two Japanese club Yeti expeditions will be attempting the North Ridge.

Expedition members: Takashi Amemiya (leader), Masashi Atarashi, Kiyoyuki Izumida, Makoto Uchida, Hiroyuki Okochi, Susumu Ogasawara, Toru Kitazawa, Kazuharu Kohara, Masao Konno, Akio Shoji, Akira Takahata, Motoyoshi Tanaka, Nobuo Fujimura, Eku Maeda, Miho Miyadera, and Hideo Yamamoto

http://www4.airnet.ne.jp/yeti/...(translated Japanese)

Spanish GREIM expedition

A group of the GREIM (The Guardia Civil's Mountain Rescue Patrol) will be on the north side. The group first attempted an 8000 meter peak and successfully climbed Cho Oyu last year.  Lieutenant Alberto Rodriguez is leading the expedition.

Expedition information on translated Barrabes page...

Saint Petersburg Everest Expedition - 

A Russian team led by Ershov Andrey and Moshnikov Anatoliy will select 10-12 participants out of a current 25 to be a part of the climb.  Most recently the candidates competed in a 15 km cross-country ski race.

Expedition members: Anatoly Moshnikov (St.Petersburg, Russia) - climbing team leader, Dmitry Pryutts (St.Petersburg, Russia) - expedition doctor, Nikolay Totmianin (St.Petersburg, Russia), Marina Ershova (St.Petersburg, Russia), Mr. Vladimir Gaidamak (Omsk, Russia, lives in Germany), Andrey Dulskiy (Irkutsk, Russia), Vladimir Belous (Bratsk, Russia), Tom Masterson (Quebec, Canada), and Oleg Nasedkin (Moscow, Russia)

Royal Mt. Trekking and TMA will be the team's trekking agency. 


Russian Adventure team -

This expedition is part of a new project called the, "Russian Adventure Team."  Their goal is to climb the seven summits of the seven continents - The first peak climbed was Mt. Elbrus this past January 8th and then Kilimanjaro.  After Everest, they will head to Carstensz Pyramid.

Expedition members: Abramov Alexander (leader, Moscow), Yakovenko Alexander (Moscow), Pashkov Vyacheslav (Moscow), Tsaryov Igor (Irkutsk), Kaymachnikov Sergey (Moscow), Larin Sergey (Tver), Moskalyov Dmitry (Moscow), Soyfer Yuriy (Moscow), Litinsky Mikhail (Moscow), Sergeev Alexander (Moscow), Gudzhabidze Bidzina (Tbilisi, Georgia), and Pushkaryov Vladimir (Noyabrsk)

http://www.mountain.ru/expeditions/2003/Everest_Alp_Ind/.. (Russian)

Estonian Everest -
(in Estonian)

An Estonian national team will be climbing from the North.

Expedition members: Raivo Plumer, Ivar Lai, Margu Proos, Toivo Sarmet, Boriss Slepikovski, and Alar Sikk


The Cost is Life Everest expedition - CANCELLED

Elvira Nasonova will be 61 years old when she attempts to climb Everest from the North side this upcoming spring season. Under which countries' flag she will climb under has yet to be determined. Elvira has been given the title, "Snow Leopard" three times over.  This award is given to those who have successfully climbed the five highest peaks in the former Soviet Union


Italian Everest Zone Expedition -

An Italian team will be going for the North Side of Everest.

Expedition members: Tarcisio Bellò, capospedizione, Casarotto Giampaolo, Cristina Castagna, Mauro Dalla Torre, Anna Grego, Tamara Schlemmer, and Claudio Tessarolo. 


British Golden Jubilee expedition

Brit Ellis Stewart will be attempting Everest from the North side with a guided expedition


Generations on Everest - -
(bottom of page)

On this expeditions are two of the first Americans to summit K2, Jim Wickwire and John Roskelley. Roskelley's 21 year-old son Jess is also climbing on the expedition - Should he make Everest's summit, Jess will be the youngest American to do so. 

The fourth members is American Dick Bass.  He completed the 7 summits back in 1985, at which point he was the oldest to summit Everest at the age of 55. He remained the oldest until 1993 when a 60 year-old Spaniard took the honor of eldest Everest summiter. This year Dick is 73 years old and should he make the top he will again reclaim the title of oldest person to summit Everest, by quite a margin.

Expedition members and climbing sherpas:  Dick Bass, Jess Roskelley, John Roskelley, Jim Wickwire, Man Bahadur Tamang, Pema Tenzi Sherpa, Chhoisang Lama, Lil Bahadur Tamang, and Pasang Gelu Sherpa.


Marolt Brothers Everest ski

Twin brothers Mike and Steve Marolt have skied Shishapangma and will now be going for Everest.

Kobler & Partner commercial expedition -

Kari Kobler will be leading a commercial expedition. The team will be filmed for a documentary that will air on Swiss television.


International Mountain Guides -

Eric Simonson and Craig John will be leading a north side commercial expedition.  


Himex north side -

Russell Brice's outfit, Himex will be leading a commercial expedition on Everest's north side


Northern Ireland Everest expedition 2003 -

Richard Dougan will be leading a small team from Northern Ireland on the North side of Everest.  Project Himalaya and Jamie McGuinness are managing the logistics for the team.

Expedition members: Richard Dougan (leader), Terrence Bannon, David Sharp, Jamie McGuiness, Stephen Synnott, and Marin Duggan.



Global Extremes 

Toyota in cooperation with Outdoor Life Network, a US television company will give 5 athletes a chance to climb Everest this spring from the north side.  50 contestants are competing with one another for the 5 available slots.  Russell Brice will be leading the expedition.  They will attempt to do live video from the summit.

Everest North col - 7030m
North Col snowriders - Cancelled

Two snowboarders and two skiers plan on ripping up Everest's North-Col this spring - they will all be on Russell Brice's permit. The expedition members currently live in Chamonix, France - some are ski instructors, others are freeride competitors, and one of the women has also worked as a professional ski model. 

Expedition members: Toby Garland, skier; Abigail Pickett, skier; Jonathan Hughes, snowboarder; Zoe Smalley, snowboarder


Everest Unspecified - 8848m
Everest South side base camp clinic -

The first-ever Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic is a pilot project of the Himalayan Rescue Association set to run through Everest's 50th anniversary spring climbing season, April 1-May 31st 2003.  Dr. Luanne Freer will head the altitude-experienced medical staff, which will treat all climbers/support staff at Everest Base Camp, and will treat trekkers visiting base camp as well.  The clinic will allow climbers and trekkers to pursue their missions and leave their health care needs to the professionals.



Glenn Shaw's trek to base camp

Glenn Shaw, who suffers from a rare bone disorder that is oft referred to as "brittle bones" will make a second attempt at reaching Everest's base camp.  A previous try ended in a dramatic fall that left Glenn hanging by his fingertips.  As a result, his legs were broken in 8 places and he had to be airlifted to Kathmandu.  Not one to give up, Glenn will try again this year.  



Manaslu - 8156m

International Slovenska Manaslu 2003 -

Aco Pepevnik will lead this international expedition.  He has previously climbed Cho Oyu, Everest, and Lhotse.

Expedition members:  Aco Pepevnik, Milan Romih, Dušan Debelak, Viktor Mlinar, Danilo Tič, Blaž Navršnik, Aritza Monasterio, and Darko Berljak



Dutch Manaslu expedition -

Expedition members: Robert Steenmeijer (leader), Stefan van Egten (assistant leader), Rex Snelder, Yde de Jong, Robert de Vries, Ron Dingjan, Peter Steendijk, Herman Kromhout, Marcel van Berlo, Otto Wildemans, and Bert Oortgijsen 


International Manaslu expedition -

The Poles are at it again - Piotr Pustelnik is organizing an expedition to Manaslu this spring.  Along with 5 Polish climbers there will a Georgian, Slovenian, and an Uzbekistani as well.  Prior to Manaslu the team will acclimatize on nearby Larkey (Larkye) Peak - they expect to make base camp by April 15th.

Expedition members: Piotr Pustelnik - PL (leader), Anna Czerwinska - PL, Józef Gozdzik - PL, Krzysztof Tarasewicz - PL, Barbara Drousek - SLO, Gia Tortladze - GA, Ilja Thukvatulin - UZ, and Piotr Klepacz - PL (non-climbing doctor.)


Dan Mazur Manaslu 2003 

American Dan Mazur will be leading a Manaslu expedition with Jeffery Justman as a co-leader.  Dan has climbed 6 of the 14, 8000m peaks.


Kangchenjunga - 8586m

International Kangchenjunga North face -

Carlos Pauner, Christian Kuntner, Mario Merelli, and Silvio Mondinelli will be climbing Kangchenjunga this spring..

All combined the group has stood atop 8000 meter peaks at least 22 times. 


International Kangchenjunga North face -

Amical Alpin head, Ralf Dujmovits along with Veikka Gustaffsson, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, and three others will be going for the north side of Kangchenjunga this spring.



Nupste, East - 7855m

Babanov takes on Nuptse, Part II -

Valery Babanov and Valdimir Suviga will attempt a new route on Nuptse's East Pillar.  Varlery attempted this route solo back in autumn of 2002, but poor weather thwarted his attempt.


Lhotse - 8501m
Adventure's International Lhotse team  -

Adventure's International is guiding Lorenzo Gariano for Lhotse.


Cho Oyu - 8201m
Amical Alpin commercial expedition 

Hajo Netzer  will be guiding this expedition.


Dhaulagiri - 8167m
Amical Alpin commercial expedition 

Robert Rackl and Yokes Haase will be leading this expedition.


“Altitude with Attitude” - The first Swedish Dhaulagiri expedition

A team of six Swedish climbers and two climbing sherpas will be climbing Dhaulagiri this spring. The expedition is scheduled to leave for Kathmandu April 3rd and will trek to base camp via the French Pass. The Northeast-Ridge is the route chosen and the team will climb alpine style in small teams of 2-3 climbers. If they succeed they will put the first Swede on the summit Dhaulagiri.

http://www.whitemountain.nu (in Swedish)


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