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Spring 2002 expeditions

  Expedition Archive



North Ridge - Tibet

Skiing down the North Face   

Three Americans Jim Fisher, Adrian Nature and Scott Earnest are in this expedition. The most accomplished member in the team, Adrian has 15 summits of Denali. He also has several notable skiing descents including the first and only 14,500 feet Wickersham Wall of Denali. On this expedition Adrian will attempt to do the first full ski descent of the North Face of Mt. Everest!


Everest Nordgrat Expedition 2002   

This carefully prepared 6 member German / Swiss expedition are going without supplementary oxygen and sherpas. All team members are experienced mountaineers three of them has one or more 8000er in the bag. Expedition site in German.

Expedition members:
Swiss; Andrea Boll, Christian Zinsli, Werner Stucki, Markus Gujan
German; Michael, Borrmann, Matthias Robl 


Paragliding from the summit   

This is a small low budget expedition with Hans van der Meulen and Wilco van Rooijen two Dutchmen planning the climb with no oxygen or sherpa support. If all goes well Wilco plans to paraglide from the summit down to ABC. Wilco made a sucessful Antarctica expedition in 2000, from Patriot Hills to the pole and back.

www.everest2002.nl (Site in Dutch)


Claudia Bäumler and Hartmut Bielefeldt.   

This small expedition consisting of Claudia Bäumler and Hartmut Bielefeldt both Germans are going up the classic North Ridge route. The have not decided to use oxygen or not but keep a high altitude sherpa ready. The expedition budget didn't allow a satellite phone but Claudia and Hartmut promise to do at least a few reports from the expedition.


Kari Swiss Sagarmatha Expedition 2002 

Kari Kobler is the team leader for this guided commercial expedition.  Kobler is based out of Bern, Switerland

 http://www.kobler-partner.ch  (Site in German)


Mexican North Face Expedition   

These six Mexicans will take on the North Face of Everest without oxygen or sherpa support. We aim for an early ascent hopefully around May 3 says Jorge Hermosillo one of the climbers.

Other expedition members:
Luis Maria Zamudio, Mari carmen Rock, Demetrio Carrasco,
Javier Santos and Raul Ledesma 


Back for the summit  

On May 16th 2000 Gavin Bate turned back just 100 meters from the summit. Now he is back together with Adventure Alternative for another shot at the summit. 



Russians for Everest  

Russian climber Gennadi Kirievski is the leader of a six member Russian Everest expedition. The team is supported by Risk.ru and has chosen the classic route from the North side.

Other expedition members:
Alexei Bolotov, Yuri Ermachek, Sergei Borisov,
Valeri Rogozin, Sergei Povolotski



Busy season for Simone Moro   

Italian mountaineer Simone Moro is looking at busy Himalaya season. First Island Peak with clients then leading a Cho Oyu expedition and the finishing of with a non oxygen solo attempt on Everest.

Simone tried the Everest - Lhotse traverse last year together with Denis Urubko. Simone ended up doing a rescue on the Lhotse face, Denis went on and got the Lhotse summit but had to turn back on Everest.






Russel Brice is the leader of the Himex expedition, Russel considesr the North Ridge the safest route, you don't have to cope with the Icefall there.



South East Ridge - NEPAL

Genève Everest 1952 - 2002 expedition  

In 1952 a two members of a Swiss expedition, Raymond Lambert and Tenzing Norgay, set a new altitude record by reaching 8600m on Mount Everest. This was the first time anyone had gone past the icefall and made way for the first summit one year later.

This season Stéphane Schaffter is leading an expedition in remembrance of the great achievement 50 years ago. The expedition members include Jean-Jacques Asper also member of the original expedition,Yves Lambert son of Raymond, Tashi Tenzing grandson of Tenzing Norgay and Apa Sherpa 11 times Everest summiteer.

Other members:
Jean Troillet, Philippe Arvis and Guillaume Vallot



Alan Arnette  

As part of the Adventure Consultants group Alan will try Everest for the first time. Updates on the expedition will be posted regularly on his own web site.



Adventure Consultants   

Guy Cotter of Adventure Consultants act as expedition manager on this one. To his help are guides Bill Crusoe and David Hiddleston, expedition start is planned for March 29 and dispatches will be published.

Other expedition members: John Taske (Aus), Andrew Maluish (Aus/Monaco), Haraldur Olafsson (Iceland), Ellen Miller (USA), Alan Arnette (USA), Tom Burch (USA), Robert Plotke (USA)



Sean Swarner   

Sean's goal is to raise cancer awareness as well as to instill hope and inspiration in other cancer patients and survivors. His expedition will climb Mt. Everest with intent to help people become more aware of cancer patients’ abilities, as well as to inspire other cancer patients to never give up hope. His goal is to raise enough support through individual and corporate sponsorship to make the 29,035-foot trek into the sky in the name of cancer patients around the world.



Alpine Ascents   

Alpine Ascents will climb via the South Col Route. Guides on this expedition are guides Willi Prittie and Vern Tejas, the climbers include Al Hannah who 72 is trying to become the oldest Everest summiteer ever. Dispatches starts April 1.




Nepalese woman for the summit

Pemba Doma Sherpa summited Everest from Tibet in 2002. This year she is aiming to become the first Nepalese women with two ascents.

"I want to enhance the image of Nepali women and the country by climbing the highest mountain for the second time through Nepali soil and my expedition is a part of Nepalese Women Everest Expedition in International Year of Mountain 2002" Pemba said at a press conference prior to her departure.


Korean Everest Expedition 2002

On September 21 2001 Hong-Gil Um became the ninth mountaineer ever to the quest for all of the worlds 14 8000ers by scaling Shisha Pangma. This season he has put together a team of seven climbers to once again try to make it to the top of the world.


Adventure International   

Scott Woolums is leading this four member attempt for the summit. Scott says that by keeping the expedition small, well organized and experienced they will be able to stay focused and make the best out of the climb.

Other members: Jack Gerstein (USA) and the father and son duo Bruno and Jason Rodi (CAN)



No Boundaries  - All women expedition

On this five member expedition Alison Levine is trying to complete her the seven summits. 58-year-old Midge Cross is also in the expedition and will if successful become the oldest woman ever on Everest.

Other expedition members:
Jody Thompson
Lynn Prebble



Martine Larroque 

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is delighted to join with Martine Larroque in her attempt to summit Everest in March 2002 Mount Everest, rising 8,850m (29,035ft) above sea level reigns as the highest mountain on Earth.



American on a mission 

Rocket designer Randall Peeters is undertaking the greatest adventure of his life 
an attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Randall brings the ashes of Donald Barry to be spread as high as possible on the mountain.



Adventure Peaks  

Dave Pritt and Jill Pinkerton with British Adventure Peaks is leading this eleven members expedition. The team arrived in Kathmandu on March 29 and will reach BC on the Rongbuk Glacier in another 5 - 6 days.

Other expedition members:
British: Andy Mayers, Gordon Read, Christopher Mothersdale, Murray Campbell, Christopher Burrows-Wood, Stuart Peacock, David Horrox
Irish: Patricia McGuirk and John Neville



Handicapped Expedition India

Indian mountaineer Baba Munindra Pal made a go for the summit last year without sucess. This season he is making another try with a seven member expedition.


Jagged Globe   

Robert Anderson will be leading up to 10 clients on the South Side of Everest on this commercial expedition.



Mountain Madness   

Mountain Madness owner and Everest vetran Christine Feld-Boskoff, Charlie Fowler, and Hector Ponce de Leon will be the guides for this South side commercial expedition.



IMG Everest 2002    

Eric Simonson with International Mountain Guides organizes his 10th Everest expedition.




PRE Expedice - Czechs for Kangchenjunga

A three member Czech expedition taking on the South West Face of Kangchenjunga. Led by Zdenek Hruby this expedition will attempt the summit without oxygen or high altitude porter support. Expedition start April 10.

Other expedition members: Martin Minarik and Radek Jaros.




Russian Lhotse - S. Petersburg expedition

Alexei Pashin is leading the Russian attempt for Lhotse. The expedition will fly to Lukla on April 6.

Other expedition members:
Boris Sedusov, Nikolai Zakharov, Igor Korenjugin, Alexei Sedov, Eugeni Maiorov, Yuri Emelin, Alexandr Pashkevich, Igor Tsaruk, Alexei Russo 







Polish International Makalu expedition 

Polish mountaineer Piotr Pustelnik is leading strong expedition to Makalu this spring. The expedition includes several accomplished climbers. Piotr has 10 of the 14 8000ers Ryszard Pawlowski 9 and Anna Czerwinska has made the seven summits.

Other expedition members: Dariusz Zalusji (PL) Peter Frankivic (SK) Vladimír Štraba (SK) Martin Gablík (SK) Gonzalo Velez (PT) R.D.Caughron (USA) Jay Sieger (USA)


Spanish International Makalu expedition

Carlos Pauner, Edurne Pasabán, Silvio Mondineli, Mario Menelli, Joseba Gutiérrez, Ricardo Palencia all accomplished climbers with several 8000ers among them will share permit for a Makalu (8463m) summit attempt this season.

Once at the mountain the climbers will split up and choose different routes for the summit. Carlos is taking on the Kukuzcka route opened in 1981 and preferably climbed in the autumn, the others climbers have yet to decide what route to take.

Annapurna I

International Annapurna Expedition - Final 8000er    

This expedition is actually two in one. The six climbers will travel on the same permit and will all work together during the early stages of the climb to fix ropes on the more technical portion of the route. The team will then split for individual summit attempts. Ed, Veikka, and Jean Christophe will make one summit team; Alberto, Jon, and Jon will make up the second summit team. Expedition start is set for March 30.

For Alberto Iñurrategi Annapurna is the last of the 8000ers. If successful Alberto will be the 10:th climber in the world to complete the feat.

Summit team 1
Ed Viesturs (USA), Veikka Gustafsson (FI), Jean Christophe Lafaille (FR)

Summit team 2
Alberto Iñurrategi (ES), Jon Beloki (ES), Jon Lazkano (ES)



Alan Hinkes 

The British climber Alan Hinkes is going for the summit of Annapurna this season. Expedition start is set for March 25.

Alan's goal is to become the first British climber with summits of all the 8000ers. 10 of them are already in the bag, the latest was Makalu in May 1999.






Tom Fitzsimmons   

The team is going to Manaslu as a small unguided group.  They've  opted for a small cohesive team rather than a large expeditionary force out of respect for the remote nature of this peak.  The team consists of the following members:  Team Leader, Tom Fitzsimmons, Scott Beottcher, Jerome Delvin, Michael McGuffin, Dan Percival,   Brian Sato



Australian Manaslu expedition 2002    

Greg Mortimer is leading this Manaslu summit attempt. The expedition permit is for 7 climbers. Greg scaled Everest in 1984 and K2 in 1990 both first Australian ascents, both without supplementary oxygen.

The expedition also include Geoffrey Robb who last year completed the seven summits.


Twins for Manaslu  

The Norwegian twin brothers Jon and Sven Gangdal are taking on Manaslu this spring. The brothers already have three 8000ers amongst them. Sven scaled Everest in 1996 in an international expedition led by Jon. 1999 they managed to summit two (Shisha Pangma and Cho Oyu) in just three weeks.



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