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Autumn 2002 expeditions

  Expedition Archive


Everest South Side - 8848m
Waldemar Niclevicz - Everest/Lhotse     

Waldemar and Irivan summited Lhotse on October 5th, at 0930 hrs Nepal time.  They attempted to summit Everest the day before, but were turned back by an avalanche and then by high winds

Waldemar Niclevicz is an Everest, K2, and Seven Summits veteran.  He along with several others will attempt to climb both Everest and Lhotse.  After summiting Everest, they will go back down to the South Col and then go for Lhotse.  Should they not scale Lhotse from the Col, they will return to Base Camp and make a separate attempt.  To make sure they have enough time to do both, they started their expedition on August 8th.

Other expedition members Irivan Gustavo Burda, 31, Marcelo Saints, 31, Alir Wellner, 41, and Pablo Souza, 44.

http://www.niclevicz.com.br (in Portuguese) 

Korean Everest Expedition   

Expedition leader: Lee-Se Jung 
Climbers, Lee- Wooo Kyung; Park Ju Youl

Team Ukyo    

The team attempted to summit, but was not able to make it

Having climbed Cho Oyu last Fall, Ukyo Katayama, a racecar driver turned mountaineer will be climbing Everest from the South Side.  His expedition leader is Mr. Eiichi Usami

Trekking Agency:  Cosmo Trek

http://www.team-ukyo.com (in Japanese)

Lhotse - 8516m

Japanese Meiji University Alpine Club 

Takahashi Kazuhiro, Mori Shoichi, Lhakpa Rita Sherpa summited on 3rd october 2002 at 9.30 a.m

Tichiro Takahashi will lead a team from the Meiji University Alpine Club for an attempt on Lhotse


Cho Oyu - 8201m

The Soul Ride             

Emilo and Marc left Cho Oyu when their permits ended unable to summit 

Freeridespirit.com's Emilio Previtali and Mark Zaffaroni will attempt to Snowboard down Cho Oyu.  Emilio is a triathlete, avid Mountain Biker, and the Editor in-chief of Italy's Free.Rider magazine.  



Chinese-Japanese All-Women Expedition    

On October 1, Japanese lady climbers Masami Onda (35), Sumiko Kashiwa (35) and Mie Okubo (30), Chinese lady climbers Ji Ji (32), La Ji (33) and Gong Jue La Mu (20) ascended Cho Oyu.

On October 2, Japanese lady climber Michiyo Adachi (29) and Chinese lady climbers Kui Sang (45), Cang La (23) and Ge San La Zhen (21) together with three climbing Sherpas ascended Cho Oyu as well.


Japanese members:
Expedition leader: Shiori Hashimoto - GII '88
Climbing leader: Masami Onda
Other members: Rika Ide, Sumiko Kashiwa, Mie Okubo, Michiyo Adachi

Chinese members:
Expedition leader: Kui Sang; Everest '90, '99, Shisha Pangma Central Peak '94
Climbing leader: JI JI; Everest '99
Other members: La Ji, Cang La, Ge San La Zhen, Gong Jue La Mu 


International Cho Oyu Expedition      

Sanz, Jose Ignacio, Spain
Llopis, Cano Juan Jose, Spain
Otamend,i Pastor Jose Javier, Spain
Briongos, Dela Fuente Francisco, Spain
 McMillan, Jason James, Britain

Trekking Agency:  Monterosa Treks & Expedition


Berguedana Cho Oyu Expedition     

4 out of 7 members successfully summited without the use of sherpas or oxygen.   

Expedition members:
Joan Casòliva, Joan Cunill, Teresa Roca, Ramon Sala, Eduardo Sánchez, Quico Soler, and Josep Cañellas


Cho Oyu Expedition  

Juanito Oiarzabal (one of only ten men, who ascended all the 14 8000er Main-Peaks) and Juan Vallejo (his fifth 8000er) plus the first two climbers from the Canary Islands, who ascended any 8000er, Juan Diego Amador and Javier Cruz, ascended Cho Oyu Oct 5 , 2002 at 8h30 NT        

Juanito Oiarzabal, who is one of only ten people, who summited all the fourteen 8000er Main-Peaks is leading an expedition to Cho Oyu this autumn. He is accompanied by Juan Vallejo and two climbers from the Canary Islands, who hope to be the first from there to summit any of the 8000ers. Their names are Juan Diego Amador and Javier Cruz.


Basque Cho Oyu Expedition          

Edurne Pasaban (her third 8000er), José Ramón Agirre ascended Cho Oyu Oct 5 , 2002 at 8h30 NT 

Miss Edurne Pasaban and 5 others from the Basque region will be attempting Cho Oyu. The others are José Ramón Agirre, Miss Raquel Pérez, Willy Barbier, Fernando Gonzalez and Jesús María Agirre.


ICEAXE.tv Snowboard Descent      

John Griber went home after suffering from HAPE and Doug Stoup joined him after suffering from a bad stomach illness.  Kris Erickson went on to summit.

Doug Stoup, John Griber and Kris Erickson plan to climb and snowboard the mountain August 23rd through October 11th.

Doug is an ExplorersWeb featured athlete...



Annapurna - 8091m

International Annapurna Expedition    

Abele Blanc, who already has 13 of the 14 8000er Main-Peaks to his belt tries to finish his challenge, leading this expedition. He is accompanied by fellow Italians Christian Kuntner (11 of the 14), Silvio Mondinelli (7) and Mario Merelli (2). Also with them are Spanish Aragonese climber Carlos Pauner (2) and Swiss climber Jacob Reichen (2). Together they attempt to repeat Iñurrategi's and Lafaille's route-variation from last spring.


Dhaulagiri - 8167m
Solo Climb       

Iñaki Otxoa de Olza will attempt to climb Dhaulagiri solo.
Shisha Pangma - 8027m

Canadian Himalayan Expedition    

Steve Adamson will lead this Everest primer.  Shisha Pangma will serve as a warm up for a slated Everest attempt in 2004.  

Other members: Tony McDowell - Doctor; Don Adamson, Norm Watts, Greg Hull, Greg Snow, Mike Triggs, Brian Merry, Eric Morin,  and Mike Dorse

ExplorersWeb feature story on Steve and his team...



Hiking Center of  Banyoles 50th Anniversary Shisha Pangma Expedition           

Team members: Josep Aliu, Miquel Castells, Xavi Combis, Joan Cardona, Toti Bes, Alfons Gaston, David Pujol and Josep Espinosa.  
Catalunyan Shisha Pangma Expedition           

Team members: Emili Duran, Joan Porta and Joan Lluís Benítez.  All are members of the Catalunyan Hiking Club and have climbed in America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Italian Shisha Pangma Expedition  

Team memebrs: Claudio Chenet, Bergamaschi, and Loretta Deru

Trekking Agency:  Monterosa Treks & Expedition



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