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Spring 2001 expeditions

  Expedition Archive


Everest - Lhotse traverse
Everest - Lhotse traverse     

International expedition Simon Moro (Italy) and Denis Urubko (Kazahstan), Lhotse ascent, descent by unclimbed ridge to South Col. Then the traverse to Everest of Simone Moro - solo (as he planned).
Lhotse Middle Peak
Private Non-commercial Exp. to Lhotse Massif     

Private Non-commercial Expedition to Lhotse Massif. Lhotse Middle is the last unclimbed 8000 meter peak in the world. The ascent is considered extremely difficult. Check a good picture of the route at the website.
12 climbers from Ekatrinburg, Moscow, Rostov, Novosibirsk and Kasnoyarsk.
The Leader and the Main Coach - Nickolai Cherny
The members of the expedition:Evgeny Vinogradsky, Gleb Sokolov, Viktor Volodin, Vasili Elagin, Vladimir Yanochkin, Sergei Timofeev, Nickolai Zhilin, Alexei Bolotov, Yuri Ermachek, Petr Kuznetsov, Yuri Koshelenko
The organizer of the expedition and the leader of the filming group (2 persons) - Victor Kozlov
or http://home.ural.ru/~Gold/
North Face - Tibet
North Face Alpine style

This small expedition will attempt the White Limbo route on the North Face, Alpine style (in one go) without oxygen. Pre-acclimatization on Cho Oyu will enable them to hopefully reach the summit without high camps.
The leader is  Fabrizio Zangrilli, UK. Other climbers are Ruaridh Pringle, Scotland, Cathy Ann Taylor, Calif/US and 4 Nepali sherpas.
Transmission from the Top, climbers w/out oz

TVE Al Filo North Face exp, Sebastián Álvaro, will return to the Himalaya again this year to document a team of climbers attempting the North Face of Everest without supplemental oxygen, and to transmit images directly from the "Top of the World".

With the TVE team will be Juanito Oiarzábal, the first Spanish/Basque climber to succeed on all 14 of the 8,000 meter peaks. His teammates will be Ferrán Latorre, Juan Vallejo and Josu Bereciartua. Info in Spanish at www.desnivel.es

North Ridge - Tibet
Singapore-Latin American expedition:     

David Lim returns to Everest after a scary illness following his 1998 expedition. David was the leader of the first Singapore Everest expedition that year. Shortly after his return home, David was suddenly paralyzed, but recovered.
With him on the team are also Mohd Rozani bin Maarof, 37 who reached the South Summit on Davids expedition 1998, Tok Beng Cheong and Gil Francisco Piekarz of Brazil. Read more at www.everest.org.sg
Lightweight British American Expedition     

This lightweight, small, film team expedition is going for the North Ridge.
They are Tim Boelter, US, Walter Keller, US, Phil Austin, UK and Mike Chrisp, UK.
Check their dispatches and great Everest newswire at www.adventure-video.com/everest    

Georgian climber:

Gia Tortladze from Georgia is a veteran with many 8000 climbs in the bag. Follow his Everest quest this season at www.geocities.com/giaexp
Siberian expedition Everest 2001         

Everest via the north Col leader- Dmitri Bochkov
List of participants: Anna Akinina – Tomsk, Dmitri Bochkov, leader – Tomsk, Aman Eleushev – Tomsk, Alexandr Foigt – Novokuznetsk, Viacheslav Kolomin, doctor – Tomsk, Nikolai Kozhemiako – Novokuznetsk, Stanislav Krylov – Tomsk, Nikiforov Alexei - St.Petersburg, Eugeni Popov – Tomsk, Alexandr Provatorov – Barnaul, Yuri Uteshev - Mezhdurechensk , Sergei Zuev - Kemerovo

Paragliding Everest

Another small team, Claire Bernier and Bertrand Roche (aka "Zebulon"), Fr. These guys will attempt to climb Everest and make a dual Paraglide down! They have done paraglides from mountains before so keep an eye on them at

Climbing with a commercial expedition       

Want to know what it is like to climb with a commercial expedition?
Follow one such team, the Himalayan Experience expedition, led by Russell Brice. 
The expedition, a team of 10 climbers, 3 guides and 11 sherpas climbs the North Ridge.
The latest news is at http://www.himex.com/archives/everest01/everest010.htm
The team list is at http://www.himex.com/archives/everest01/teamE01.htm


Young climber

Temba Tsiri Sherpa,15 will do  a new attempt at Mount Everest.
Temba, accompanied by his brother, father and a high altitude sherpa friend, will climb Everest North side. Temba aborted his attempt last year due to frostbites.
The Pics that could rewrite history…     

Eric Simonson and the 2001 Mallory & Irvine research expedition continue the search - this time for the camera. Pictures taken by that camera could determine who actually scaled Everest first: Hillary or Mallory.
Follow the important search at www.mountainguides.com/everest2001
Expedicion UPV Everest 2001 (Spanish)     

David Rosa,Endika Urtaran,Jorge Verdeguer, Es. La ruta a seguir en el Everest discurrirá por la cara Norte, arista NNE. www.geocities.com/upveverest
Australian Army expedition:     

This is serious stuff - expedition leader Major Zac Zacharias will lead his men (and women) to the summit as follows:
Capt Tanya Bylart, Major Michael Cook, Major Carl Johnson, Colonel Peter Lambert, Srgnt Brian Laursen, Lance Corporal Tim Robathan, Capt Jamie Hackett, Major Dave Donaldson, Capt Roger Grose, Mr Bob Killip, Lieutenant Adrian McCallum, Mr Dean McMaster. The guys are currently training in Annapurna. Read their progress at www.armyalpine.org.au
South East Ridge - NEPAL
The power of Chilean women!     

After their 1999 adventure on Cho Oyo, Chilean climbers Viviann Cuq and Cristina Prieto are going to the south side of Everest with teammates Andrea Munoz and Patricia Soto. This is the first all-female team from Chile. They left Namche Bazaar on April 3, and hope to reach Base Camp this weekend. Check their Spanish website at www.himalaya.cl
Lone climber

Tim Rippel will attempt to climb Everest solo (no sherpas).
Follow this one-man expedition at www.peakfreaks.com
Another Mission Impossible on Everest:     

Gary Guller broke his neck in a climbing accident in 1986. He recovered but had his left arm amputated. That doesn't stop him. Gary will attempt Everest this spring together with Everest veteran Mike Trueman, Tunc Findik and Stephen Nelson.
Cheer them on at
Kuwait climbs Everest     

Zed Al Refai will attempt Everest this spring. 
Check the playful website at www.7-summits.com
Blind dreams      

This is a special one. A blind climber attempts the impossible.
We have just waved goodbye to our blind polar friend Miles, who skied 300 NM at Antarctica. Miles brother, Geoff Hilton-Barber, also blind, sailed solo from South Africa to Australia. Now a blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer from Colorado is attempting Everest. Awesome, guys!

On the team are also Eric Alexander, 31, Colorado. Louis Benitez, 28, Colorado, Bradford and Sherman Bull (father & son!), Colorado. Jeff Evans, 31, Colorado. Didrik Johnck, 28, Calif. Chris Morris, 33, Alaska. Michael O'Donnell, Colorado. Steve Gipe, 50, Montana. Pasquale "PV" Scaturro, 47, Colorado (exp leader).
Check them out at www.2001everest.com or at www.touchthetop.com or at www.highsightspresentations.com
Everyone has an Everest     

Canadian Ben Webster and American Nancy Feagin are on the south side of Everest. Log in every day and follow the Expedition's progress from its landing in Kathmandu to its trek through Nepalese mountain villages, to Everest Base Camp and then finally, in late May, Cyber-connect with the team up to the top of the world. www.steponline.com/everest/
Canadian expedition     

Check out the intro at these guys site atwww.emeraldodyssey2001.com  or www.puyallup.k12.wa.us  or www.climbit2001.com The climbers are Francois Langlois, Jason Edwards, Rob Kennedy, Deryl Kelly, Leo R Kelly, Dave Rodney.


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