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Autumn 2001 expeditions

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North Face - Tibet
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After two weeks of winter storms and high winds Ed Hommer and the others decided on Oct 7 to head for home. Ed still bears the dream of becoming the first double amputee to scale Everest. "Perhaps at another time and another opportunity", he says.
Read dispatch here

After loosing both his legs to frostbite on Mount McKinley in 1981 Ed Hommer came back to scale the mountain in 1999. This time he aims for Everest via the NorthFace as part of a American-Canadian Everest Expedition led by Jim Wickwire former K2 summiteer.

Other expedition members Brain McCullough,  Kelly Raymond, Scott Anderson, Karl Swanson and Dan Bronstein

Hungarian Millennium Everest Expedition   

Disaster struck the expedition on Oct 17 when the expedition doctor Gárdos Sándor took a lethal fall just below 7800m. That put an end to the expedition, the Hungarians packed up and went home in their last dispatch the paid respect to their lost friend.

"We are returning home with sorrow in our hearts and the knowledge that we have be en fortunate enough to spend a few weeks with a great man. He now rests forever at the foot of Everest."

Led by Erőss Zsolt a 9 member Hungarian team is taking on Everest this autumn.
Erőss previous achievements include Nanga Parbat in (Messner route), reaching 8400 m on Everest's Grand Couloir in 1996 along with all 7000ers in the former Soviet Union. The team aims for a summit push around October 7 and are climbing without supplementary oxygen. 

Other team members Mécs László, Dr Gárdos Sándor, Nedeczky Júlia, Keresztesi Koppány, Bradács Ágnes, Markos Huba László and Kertész Zoltán. http://www.everest.freestart.hu


Everest - Lhotse traverse

Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001)       

After several weeks of high winds and snow fall, moving up the mountain one day and down the next the Hungarians headed for home on Oct 22.

"Our decision is final. Without the peak, but we would like to travel home with our skins intact."

David Klein leads this Hungarian expedition with high ambitions. The team has chosen the technically difficult Kangshung Face as summit route and will also try to complete the Everest - Lhotse traverse. They are all climbing without supplementary oxygen. Another goal for the expedition is to broadcast live from the summit of Everest.

Other expedition members Miklós Ferenci (technical leader), László Mezey (climber and photographer), László Várkonyi (climber), Zoltán Ács (climber and high altitude camera-man), András Kovács (technician), dr. Gábor Vida (doctor), Ákos Szendrényi (BC manager)



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