Spam. Spam. Spam! You will watch it turn into a strange pinkish shade on your frozen tin plate, put it down and shed another pound this week.

The opposite of everything your doctor told you is on the other hand the good news on Everest diet! Bring all the fatty goodies, the important thing is that you really like them. Don't experiment by bringing unfamiliar foods from home.

The Morrocan cranberry compot could taste swell at a friends dinner party, on Everest however you tend to avoid new and eclectic taste sensations.

Eat lots of the local vegetables (onions, cabbage, carrots). Really try to finish the heated can fruit that your BC-cook will offer you. It's solluble fiber content is extremely effective against hemorrhoids and constipation. Garlic is excellent for altitude adaptation. It thins the blood. The sherpas eat it constantly and so should you. The smell? HAHA. You're on Everest, pal. The garlic smell will be among the nicest snuff you'll encounter.

Hard salami, processed cheese, peanut butter, jam, tinned ham, some tinned meals, snacks, candy and chocolate - dream it all up and then bring it.

Check expiry-dates for ready made sweet pies and other cakes and desserts. Many lasts surprisingly well and are excellent packs of calories (forget about the trans fats for this occasion only).

For high camps; cup-a-soups, instant soups, dried cheese&ham tortellini (a hit), more chocolate, marzipan, hot chocolate powder, milk powder perhaps, some coffee and tea. Cereals and oatmeal for breakfast. Hiking powder meals are not mandatory - try instead instant "real" foods (rice/pasta casseroles, macaroni-cheese meals,  "real" soups requiring a few added minutes to cook). If you don't like it at home, you won't like it better on the mountain. Make it as easy on you as you can by bringing foods you actually enjoy.

On the climbs: Candy bars, nuts, crackers. Sports Bars and Sports Jelly. Sherpas eat boiled eggs on climbing. Bring them too - wrapped with some salt in a plastic bag - along with a piece of salami, cheese and bread.

The more "real" food you eat at altitude the better you'll perform. Anatolij Buchreew had raw carrots. The occasional canned tuna, salmon and sardines will be a treat. Tubed cheese. Powder Energy drinks.

Bring yourself to eat. Extreme weight loss is a fact on Everest - just mere excisting at that altitude speeds your metabolism rate by 10%. Typically we lose around 10-20 lb. (5-10 kg), even if really stuffing ourselves